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  1. Talking standard size chickens, how many eggs do you usually set under your hens to effectively incubate? How many eggs is too many? This is a poll, and there are no wrong answers. Just curious what you think. A wild mallard duck (roughly same size as a small standard chicken) who hatched a clutch of eggs in my backyard this spring incubated 10 eggs and 7 ducklings hatched. Is mother nature's number, the magic number 7?
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  2. sumi

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    You can set as many eggs as the hen can comfortably cover. Personally, prefer to give them no more than 12 eggs. I've had hens hatch 12/12 eggs and I've had hens hatch 1/8 eggs, there is no magic number. It depends on the hen, if she's a good sitter, the eggs, are they fresh, fertile etc.
  3. Pancholoco

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    No more than 12 here too.
  4. boyswithchicks

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    One of my RIR has just hatched 10/11 and a Light Susssex covered 16 and hatched 13. Have just set 14 under a Australorp and a further Light Sussex is currently covering 14.
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    I think it would also depend on the breed. Some chicken breeds are naturally larger than others. I wouldn't put the same number of eggs under a Modern Game hen, that I would put under a Brahma.

    But I've had one mixed-breed hen successfully sit on 16 eggs, and hatch every last one of them.

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