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    Feb 28, 2012
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    I started my first ever chicken hatch on 03-02-2012. The 3rd week of March is when they should hatch...if they do. However, I am not able to raise them to full chicken and looking for people who want more chickens to add to their flock, in the middle or end of April.

    I'm located in Bergen County, NJ. If no one is interested the farm where I got the eggs are willing to get them to send to farms but I'm not too sure what those farms do with chicken...raise them for eggs or meat.

    Anybody interested in buying them either in the middle or end of April and picking them up in person? (I'm not too thrilled to mail live animals in the mail).

    To the best of my knowledge they will be Rhode Island Reds because the farm i got the eggs only have two breeds of Chicken...RIR and Leghorns and since Leghorn eggs are white and my eggs are brown - RIR. But I can let you know better when they hatch (of course).


    ** You can read about my hatching process here --->
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