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I know many Fables, Myths and Fairytales have pagan roots. Is Mother Nature a goddess? If so does she have any other names? Is there any prayer or blessing to show her respect? Thankyou a curious nature lover.
I have friends with daughters named Maya and Gaia (for mother earth)...they're crunchy granola hipster types.
Google "gaia". Wikipedia's site should have answers for you. I had a quick look now...
Gaia, Demeter, Tellus, Hertha, Erda, Jörd, Fjörgyn, Hlödyn, Etenoha, and Ina Maka. Just to name a few I can remember. It's generally best if you make up your own prayer, but if you can't come up with one I'm pretty sure I can find one for in one of my books. Now that I think about, my Pagan Prayer book might have one in it.

ETA: I went and found the book. I was wrong, it just has a general Goddess prayer. Now, off to find the rest of the books before I pack them all up.
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Almost all of the religions of the world have some threads of commonality based in basic ideas. You're starting down a fascinating path if you're starting to study this. There are bunches of books on paganism that dwell on the mother earth relationship.....

Have fun!
Yup. EVen the name "Bertha" meaning the Earth in German is stereotyped as a large, round woman.

Those "face on the tree" decorations that appear at Wal-mart come gardening season hearken back to old gods of nature and forests

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