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    I have a female rat that has started biting. I was not the original owner. The original owner brought her to school when she was about to have her babies so the class could see them. Well, she started biting when anyone reached into the cage. I understand she was protecting her babies. But now she seems to be biting quite a bit and it hurts! Can I break her of this habit or should I just start wearing leather gloves! We are not taking her back to school. This seems to have really upset her. I have her at my house and she can stay, unless she doesn't stop biting me.

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    Quote:We had a very social male who ,out of the blue,would randomly bite my wrist while he was out playing. He didn't usually bite,just once in awhile.But it was painful,not a nibble.
    This Christmas I got my son a juvie female.She had ears sticking out from the side of her head like Desparadeux.She would strike /bite when we tried to get her out of the cage.
    Not good for my son and I had to return her : ( If it was just me I would have tried to stop it,but that takes time.
    Have you tried giving her a treat every time you put your hand in the cage? If she associates your hand with treats maybe she'll calm down.
  3. They are territorial, especially breeding age. It helps some if you let them come out of their cage or home by themselves and once they are a bit away from that area then interact or pick them up but allow them to come onto your hand instead of just grabbing at them. Its respectful;) Coming to an agreement and creating a relationship. Poor thing felt threatened just when it needed quiet and security "denning" so it is still feeling the stress.
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    The male rats I have seem so calm and happy to see me, but Charlotte, the female biter, races around. I have only had her at my house for about 1 month. So I need to give her time to adjust. When she bit me this last time I was reaching into the cage to give her treats. But she saw this giant hand coming in to her space. I don't want to take her back to the pet store. They will probably use her for snake food. She's so mean the snake might be her meal!!!

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    It's a simple trust issue, and it sounds like someone has violated hers. [​IMG] But don't fret.. I've brought some of the most vicious biter kids back from the dark side... it just takes time and some effort.

    First of all, stop reaching into her space. Approach her quietly and gently, speaking softly and encouraging to her as you get closer. Always do this. Even if she charges the cage bars must stay calm and not react to her advances.

    When offering her treats, offer yummy stuff that she can't grab and run off with ..yogurt, baby food, warm cereal, etc. a spoon. This way, she has to stay in close proximity to you and your hand while she eats her treat... but you still have the safety of a spoon between you. [​IMG]

    When you need to clean her cage, take everything into the bathroom and close the door. Let her out on her own ....and clean up her cage while she wanders around and explores. Then bribe her back into her cage. Yes, I said it ..bribe her! [​IMG]

    Eventually, she will understand that you mean no harm and you can make advances toward touching her ..petting her ...and even holding her she allows.

    Good Luck! [​IMG]

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