Question for the down genetics experts (GLW and SLW)


10 Years
Jul 25, 2009
I'm planning a GLW roo x SLW hens and a pure SLW x SLW hatching next year. I'm not sure if I'm doing both at the same time or separately yet... Still though, I'm wondering how they would look as day-olds.

Now, I expect the GLW pullets would look like any other GLW chicken, with a goldish tint to the head and back pattern. The pure SLWs should have a whitish/greyish tint to the head and back pattern (as usual).

BUT, what would the cross males look like as day-olds? Would I be able to distinguish them from the others already? Would they resemble GLWs or SLWs?

Please note that I am referring to down colors and day-olds, not adult feathering here

Any help would be appreciated
I 've never done this cross but I'm pretty sure that with the GLW roo on SLW hens, the chicks would be sexlinked, not sure what colors, they should be goldish hens and silverish roos, I don't know how well the pure SLWs could be distiguished from the sexlink roos but maybe Krys109uk (the genetics expert) or someone else who has done this cross can help you better than I can.

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