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    Dec 8, 2008
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    I ordered 3 welsh harlequin duckling that will be comming in this may. 2 females 1 male ... Can ya'll tell me when they begin laying and when they stop??? I also will have 2 cayugas ( 1 male 1 female) would love to add another female cayuga but think hubby would ring my neck. LOL..
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    My WH was hatched in April last year and began laying at the end of October. I suspect she would have started laying sooner, but I bought her in August, and I think that big change in her world threw her into a molt, which delayed her. She kept laying until the end of January when she was doing another molt. At that point she had laid 83 eggs, while my Khaki Campbell of the same age had laid 67 eggs.
    She started laying again March 28 and hasn't taken a day off.

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