Question on Breed /Gene Dominance

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by ThornyRidge, Oct 28, 2008.

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    Oct 28, 2008
    I hope to soon figure out how to download a picture of my newly discovered peeps for visual reference... anywho I am wondering if certain breeds take dominance over others specifically with crossbreed/mutt chickens.. my newly discovered hatchlings are now about 2-3 days old and I located my bearded black silkie sitting on a clutch of eggs buried behind a large pile of hay in with my goats- some presumably were her own but I know at least one was laid by a red cochin bantam.. my chicken menagerie consists of an aray of hens and roosters including an ameracauna rooster.. of the 5 discovered peeps she hatched 4 are identical in color and marking (yellow and various red/brown and black stripes, markings down backs, head and sides.) the other one hatched from what I believe would have been the cochin egg and this little guy is black and very tiny. The four bigger chicks strongly resemble my ameracauna chicks when they were young.. the difference is that they do have feathered feet/legs. Outside of this I would be baffled at who papa is. My roosters consist of 2 white silkies, 2 black silkies, a silver spangled hamburg, ameracauna, black cochin bantam and black japanese bantam. I will definately try to post pictures but just recently discovered this page and found it to be fantastic!! Any ideas on gene/cross breed dominance would be helpful.. it would be great if I could get some smaller ameracauna/silkie cross that would give me greenish eggs.. I am just hoping they are not all roosters.. oh and since this was definately not a planned hatch I disposed of the remaining eggs that had not hatched that numbered 9 additional with at least 6 of those in various development stages.. ugh!

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