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Oct 7, 2018
Our eleven Pekin Ducks just turned eleven weeks old! We have read all on the real food treats but we were wondering what brands of commercial feed people like once they reach 18 weeks or older. One has a drake feather already so we don't know the ratio on male / female but it seams like feed specializes in egg production but we want them all to have the same feed since we are busy people. We currently just started using Dumor 15% Grower/Finisher. That is the only brand we have used and we buy 50lb bags. We have Tracker Supply Co and a local feed store that has no organization to even recognize what feed would be for ducks. We bought them to clear our shared irrigation pond of duckweed but due to Hurricane Michael it will be awhile before we let them in there. We also need to rid it of the Snapping Turtles. We assume box turtles are fine? We do plan to eat the eggs and raise them as part of our family (indoor cat as well). I tried to post a video showing a peek of the duck house being built but even with the lowest settings on my phone it says the videos (I tried retaking several shorter ones) are too big. We are thinking of sand outside in the run since our soil is mostly sand anyways and straw inside the house


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Any feed that says something along the lines of "all flock" or "mixed flock" or "flock raiser" on the bag will be suitable for males and female ducks both, laying or not. It will usually be between 18%-20% protein. I found that even with the chain stores they don't always have the same feed from one location to the next. It makes it easy because even when you have a flock of all layers, they aren't all necessarily laying, you may have a broody, or one in molt, or one on strike. Also leave oyster shell in a separate dish on the side for the ladies to nibble at; they know what they need. Ducks lay huge eggs too, so personally I fell they do better with slightly higher protein. I'm sure the duckies are going to love foraging in the pond!

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Jan 24, 2018
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I feed Mazuri waterfowl maintenance and oyster shell on the side. I like it because it floats and you can feed on water. It's pretty pricey though. Purina flock raised pellets have also been good for me.

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Nov 15, 2017
I feed flock raiser as well with a seperate dish of oyster shell, bugs and fresh veggies too. They only sell crumbles and not pellets at our TSC but they don't make too much of a mess. They sell little (5lb?) bags of duckling feed during their chick days but nothing after that. Whenever they send a survey I always ask them to stock feed for waterfowl/ ducks but I must be the only one asking (doesn't hurt to try :)) and no luck yet.
Awesome coop, Looking forward to seeing it finished!

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Jan 24, 2018
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If you have a local feed store, mine is Steinhousers, they will order Mazuri or Purina flock raiser pellets for you. Mazuri is made by Purina, so if they carry Purina, they should order it for you.

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