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  1. I recently hatched out 6 jersey Giants. Now one is partridge color with a yellow chest and belly with light brown legs. Now what color will this be as an adult? I contacted the breeder, one site said smoky turns into a white adult. Any ideas?
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  2. I contacted the breeder. She says that occassionally she gets that with one of her breeders, not sure why. She said she never lets it grow to adult so not sure what it will turn out to be, she either culls it or sells it. I will probally keep it, hopefully it's a pullet. It's a nice size chick and very cute. I just won't put it in the breeding stock pen when we get it set up.
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    The mystery chick... - let us know how it ends up!
  4. Would you post a pic of your "regular" Jersey chicks? I am trying to figure out what mine are from a school hatch and they look like penguins in the faces. Have to get new batteries for the camera and will post what mine look like, similar to pics of Jersey Giant chicks on the feathersite.
  5. Here are some pics of my newest babies. They are 2 days old.
    First the mystery chick, I believe is a pullet.

    The other fuzzy butts. I have 6 but just took pics of 4 of them to show the contrasts of the patridge, blue, and splash. I also have one black and another blue as well.



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