question on momma getting enough nutrients

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by momofdrew, Feb 19, 2009.

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    Well our babies are doing well, feathering out, growing by leaps and bounds but momma seems a bit skinny her crop is small... she is eating the same food as the babies [grower mash] does she need more different foods...She gets to go out into the pen for a well deserve spa time in the dirt and then suns herself a bit on the deck...I am worried that she isnt getting what she needs to stay healthy...she is a very good momma and the last of my original flock...I dont want to loose her...
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    You can give her some treats. So long as you see her eating and drinking she sould be fine. You can make her some oatmeal.
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    I agree, but on grower mash, shouldn't she get layer feed in a different place- or have it available... Its been so many years since I had a broody hen and chicks. But the treats could be higher in fat (not just grease) but suet, meat scraps- my girls eat chicken soup...I figure that at least I cook it, they would...well, you know.

    One thing that wouldn't even harm the chicks is to take the peelings from most of your veggies, even potato, the cook it up in water with some oat meal/corn meal, I've even tossed cracked corn into it. Yes some scrambled eggs too. This is not harmful to baby birds either, it teaches them tastes and trying things. I bet Momma will inhale something like that.

    Good luck and congrats on a broody with chicks in Feb! I'm impressed! Is it a silky? I hear they are wonderful "incubators".
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    [​IMG]yes it is a silkie

    thanks will it hurt if the babies eat what she is getting I know they cant have layer the calcium in it would hurt them...
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    Nov 19, 2007
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    maybe she dont like the mash

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