Question on quail gender


Mar 11, 2018
Hi im currently hatching my first quails (it coming up to day 19 and they still hiding in eggs lol)
i was just wondering what is the adverage gender of the Japanese quail
Eg assuming 100% hatch and live to sex size
from a batch of 24 you normally end up with x males and y females (like you personally hatched 24 and on average you got 8 males out 24 when ever you hatched 24)
Hello Daniel and welcome to BYC! It's great to have you here.

It has always appeared to me to be an even distribution between male and female, with the expected deviation, of course.

My last quail hatch was 33 chicks and I ended up with 15 male and 18 female. But there have been other times when there were a few more males than females.
Cool just checking and my first chick decided to hatch jut now (3am) lol
atm mine seem like ninja chicks no movement sound etc then suddenly i hear a cheap thing it started piping but poof fully out chick lol they then go quite for 30 mins (mabey sleeping) then more cheeps lol
1 down up to 47 to go lol
a second just hatched about an hour ago and it was noisy for abit then other one went to it and now both quite and seem to follow each other (mabey first teaching second to walk or something as less drunk looking walk on second after hatch)lol

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