question...r.e. lawn irrigation in AZ back yard

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    Sep 17, 2010
    So we don't even have chickens yet, but I am trying to do my homework, and figure out all the logistics first. I think I'd like a coop/roost/nesting box that I can move around the yard at will. Is this called an "ark"/"tractor"? We live in an older central Phoenix neighborhood with a large, grassy backyard. However, I am unsure what to do about our monthly (cooler months) or bi-monthly (in hotter months) irrigation. Do I need to move the chickens and coop all the way out of the yard before irrigation comes, or will they simply go to "higher ground" retreating to the roost portion for the few hours it takes to soak in? Or will they not even care? It generally soaks in very quickly, in about 3 hours, but of course leaves the pretty soggy ground behind. Is this a concern? I notice the neighborhood birds find that they LOVE to pick the bugs or what-have-you that float up during the process-perhaps the chickens would too?

    Please advise and TIA!
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    Yes, a movable coop is often called a tractor, and yes, the chickens will love the bugs, etc. that the irrigation raises, just as the other birds do.
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    My Coop

    We must be neighbors.

    I get irrigation every two weeks.

    I raised my coop up in the corner and separated the run from the irrigation area.

    I also have two pens on a raised cement slab.

    I love letting them loose after irrigation.... and they love it too.

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