Question regarding detached air sac on shipped eggs

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    Feb 2, 2016
    I have had several eggs shipped to me recently. The first ones I let settle for 24ish hours and put in the incubator (older 1502). At day 10 I candled 3 different sets of eggs I had shipped. One set all had detached air sacs and no embryo growing inside.

    I decided the next eggs I got I would check and also do some research on incubating eggs with detached air sacs. I read you can try setting the eggs in a carton with the big side up and incubate them for 48 hours before putting them in the egg turner. What has Everyone had luck or no luck doing? I just want the eggs to have the best chance of hatching possible. Thanks!
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    I've had pretty decent luck keeping them upright. I put them in the turner and leave it off for the first 4 days. Sometimes they settle back into place and stick there, sometimes not. For the ones that don't, I cut little cups out of the carton for each egg and either stuff them around the edges of the turner, or move them to their own incubator if I have one that's not in use. I then gently lean them in the cups in hopes of keeping them in place.
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    Hi, when i received my shipped eggs (the box they were shipped in had a large dent in one of the bottom corners) I gently unwrapped them all (13), placed them in an egg carton, AC up for 1.5 to 2 days, in my room that i keep at 70 degrees. then i candled ea egg and labled them. i only turned the eggs on their sides slightly to candle, i didnt want to turn them too much. i saw things in the AC end that i have never seen before; pics below. then I put them in my heated bator (air circulating) in the egg turner tray, did not turn the turner on, then, on day 4 or 5 i put the eggs in my still air bator, (no turner) layed them on their side and turned them 5 times a day. on day 8 i candled again and only 1 egg had any sign of growth and it was a Blood Ring, all the other eggs, nothing.
    i candled on day 11, nothing, except one egg look a little dark (yolk), day 12 (today) nothing going on with any eggs. i just turned the bator off. I will takes eggs out and clean bator.
    the lady i bought eggs from is shipping me another batch... VERY PROFESSIONAL AND NICE OF HER. THANK YOU.
    [​IMG] looks like a blood ring to me.
    [​IMG] looks like a detatched AC to me?
    [​IMG] ditto

    this is my first experience with wonky air cells and shipped eggs.

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