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Mar 23, 2008
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I'm just curious, have any of you ever tried a taste test between multiple breeds that were fed and raised the same way?

I ask because if you read certain breed histories, like the Redcap, people speak of it being more tasty than other breeds; yet they are all "chicken". I understand that environment influences the taste of the meat (i.e. a grass fed cow won't taste the same as a grain fed one), so has anyone ever fed the birds the same food, seasoned the same, cooked the same, marinated the same, etc. And truly noticed any difference in the taste?

Personally, it is something I want to try later if no one else has already as I am curious if breeds truly taste differently or if it's all in the seasoning/how they were raised. I've got at least three different breeds I know I will be culling some of who all were raised the same/fed the same, maybe eventually if I feel a need I'll even try acquiring some of the others like Redcaps and so on. But nonetheless, has anyone tried this?

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There are several threads on here with similer questions, but I have yet to find any that have done this as a controlled expieriment. Please keep us posted! Most of the threads deal with weight gain, tenderness, meatiness etc. I've been trying to do this on a small scale and am raising some La Fleche, Delaware, Naked Necks and Dark Cornish- I will post the results when I finish harvesting these on here too.
All my chickens are raised the same way though at different times. I find a difference in the taste based on breed. My favorites so far are Black Marans, Barnvelder, Old Barred Rock hen, americauna. All of these to me had much more flavor than CX or Broilers.
HMMmmm ! I am sure that everyone is aware that certain Chefs earn big reputations as well as huge pay checks for their cullinary skills as their restaurants are always saught out and well attended. I am sure that everyone is aware of chili cookoffs, Bar B Ques, fairs, etc. competitions, that are well attended and earn monetary prizes and recognition. My mother's cooking had the same cardboard taste, however my wife's cooking is in the top Chef catagory ( many County and State fair wins ) . One of my sons is a great Chef too. It's all in the twist of the wrist ... a little pinch here, a little sprinkle there, a little taste test , then stirr well... and wala a gormet feast. Now, take any number of breeds of chicken, hatched on the same day, raised in the same environment, then just boil them equally untill done, however do NOT add any salt or spices , then do a taste test one after the other ... I dare say that they all will taste like chicken.
I am a chef, and that is not true. Each chicken has its own flavor profile. Each chicken eats differently. The texture and color is different, the smell is different. Even the same breed of bird taste a little different. We eat with our eyes, our nose, as well as our taste buds. I have raised all different types of chickens. My family all have a different preference. Dark Cornish and Rock are a preference at our home. The other preference is our hodgepodge of years of breeding back to the Cornish and Rock lines.We have added Road Island Red, Orpington, and New Hampshire to the original Cornish. I do not like the CX at all, however I have it in the gene pool that goes back years. My birds are large birds. Large bones. I like that. They are woods and predator Savoy from leghorn tossed in years ago. You have to find balance in what your goals are. If you want to keep them free range or plan to pen them up. How many are you going to keep? How many does your family need a year? All things need to be taking into account. You can't have certain birds for free range if they are stupid in the woods and attract predators no matter how good they taste. You can't keep certain birds if you plan on keeping them behind a fence ,because they will pick at each other, influence cannibalism, promote disease, stress them out no matter how good they taste. In each of these cases you will not be eating many because you would have be responsible for ill or dead birds. Read all the post from people choosing the wrong birds in the wrong environment. Choose your birds according to how you can raise them. What you goals are. How much money you have to invest in them. How will you tend to them, how much time do you have to offer to them. Will you take them to a vet, will you cull yourself. All of these need to be answered before you choose.

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