QUESTION: regarding Self Blue Muscovies


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
I need some help...

Does Anyone know what my results will be if I breed a Self Blue drake to Black, Blue and Silver hens?

I am considering just keeping my young Self Blue drake from this year for breeding but am so new to the color i am not sure what i will get with him over my girls. This is my first year with Self Blue Muscovies so I am a bit clueless on their genetics for breeding and theres not much info online.
Self blue and blue in muscovies are entirely different genetically.
Self Blues are genetically classified as lavenders.
If you only have one self blue I would breed him to blacks not the blues or silvers
if your goal is to produce more self blues.
Self blue x black offspring would be black but carry the self blue gene.
You could then breed those back to the parent or another self blue in order to make self blues.
Good luck!
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