Question to those who have hatched chicks...

How many hens to roos have you hatched?

  • More roosters than hens

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  • I have no idea

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  • Other (please explain below)

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Mar 28, 2017
Now I know that hatching roo to hen ratio can vary but can anyone give a ratio what they think they've hatched?

As an example about half hens half roos... etc...

Give your opinions below!
I hatched button quail and ALL ended up male because the temperature was higher than normal!!!! I have seen loads of different opinions......but i will vote 50/50! xxx
This is great feedback so far any other more? I asked this of a YouTube and got a snide response so it's nice to see everyone's positive response and votes

I want to hatch some of my girls eggs in the near future but I'm so afraid I'll have too many roos

I won't rehome or kept lots of roos and I don't want to cull either


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