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    Aug 11, 2007
    this is my first time hatching eggs,
    at all. incubator or natural.

    i had guessed that the eggs would hatch wednesday.
    & on my way down the hall, i heard chirping.
    well, one of the chicks had broken the egg.

    about thirty minutes later,
    we have a tiny chick.
    hes still drying, & learning to use his legs,

    i was wondering how soon he can eat?
    & what?
  2. Hi and welcome! As soon as the chick is mobile it will be 'pecking at stuff' and can eat.
    BUT... Sounds like you are using an incubator and you should letall that will hatch , hatch, before you open the incubator.
    The chicks 'can' live for 3 days without eating / drinking.
    I feed my chicks 'chick starter', is that available w/in the next coupla days?
    Congratulations on your new chick, I hope there are more to come.


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