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  1. I have a broody silkie hen that has never hatched chicks before. Should I give her a few eggs? She's been broody about 3 weeks now so I'm concerned that I will put 3 or 4 eggs under her and then she'll tire of it and quit.

    I'm hoping a broody can do a better job of hatching them than I can [​IMG]

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    A silkie tire an quit? [​IMG]

    No most likely she will sit there till the end of time or at least till she has some chicks to show for it.
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    Quote:LOL! That is the TRUTH! I have several silkie hens who have sat on several clutches of eggs for SEVERAL months....I tried to break one recently of being broody, so I took her outside in the nice grass and sunshine, hoping that would break her...came out to find she had collected all the rocks around her and made a nice little, "rock" nest with them...she was SITTING ON ROCKS!!! LOL!!!!
  4. OK...that answered my question. [​IMG] I've only had one cochin hen hatch some babies. We've only had silkies since January and never had a broody until now.
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    Quote:My silkie hens are the best sitters! They produce 100% hatches after 100% hatches! The only thing is, if you want them to sit on straddled hatches, take the babies away after they hatch. When they are sitting on eggs, they are focused on sitting, not mothering! [​IMG]
  6. OK...thanks for the tip. I'll put all the eggs under her at one time. [​IMG]
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    Silkies are unbreakable. [​IMG]

    Give her some. She'll be happy as a little clam and will likely be an awesome mama.

    Broody silkies are the best!

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