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If you've had your dog x-rayed at the vet before was it necessary for you to have to leave the dog and pick him/her up later? Did they have to sedate the dog?
I finally got my DH to agree to have Charlie dog x-rayed. Our regular vet doesn't have x-ray equipment. The vet that I called wants us to leave her and come back later.
I don't leave Charlie anywhere. She was a abuse rescue and very traumatized when I got her. In the almost 10 years I've had her I've only left her at the vet once and swore I never would again.
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I had an American Bulldog that got sick, took him to the closest vet..they x-rayed him while I sat in the waiting room, then called me back to see the he wasn't sedated but the x-ray was of his digestive system..I don't know for sure but I think he was standing when the took it.
I would explain to the vet that you called exactly what you just posted. If the vet is a good one then they would understand. I can certainly understand why you would not want to leave your dog there alone. I'm not sure about the sedation part of your post but call and ask the vet. Tell the vet that you will be more than willing to stay with your dog.
Vets are few and far between around here. That's why we take her to the vet we do that is almost 45 minutes away. I've used this vet for a long time. She's gentle and kind with the animals and inexpensive (which helps).
The vet she recommended we take Charlie to is an hour away. I haven't called them yet. I want to talk to my DH first.
The vet I called, the one that said drop her off and sedation is closest; but I'll drive the distance to take Charlie elsewhere rather than leave her with a vet I don't trust.
Charlie doesn't like for me to be out of her sight. Never has, but even more so now that she's failing.
We just had x-rays done and my dog had to be sedated so we dropped her off in the am and picked her up in the afternoon. Most of the time you can't get a good x-ray with a dog awake, afraid and tense. Very hard to get them in position and hold for a few seconds to take the x-ray. I would ask them if you can stay with her while she is sedated, so she knows you are there, and pick her up as soon as she is stable. I did this in a similar situation as yours and it worked well because I was with him untill he was under sedation.
If you explain that she gets anxious when you're away then you should be able to wait in the lobby, but be prepared that it might take a while if the doc is busy seeing other patients. Depending on what part of her is getting x-rayed and her personality she may have to be sedated.
I have never had a vet tell me to leave the dog to be x-rayed. You wait in the waiting room for a few minutes while they do the x-ray and then he goes over the picture with you.

Strange. I'd find another vet. Quite frankly, after 30 years of owning dogs I've learned to always go with my first gut feeling no matter what. It's always proven itself in the past. I'm just sorry it took me so many years to finally respect my own gut....

Good luck with Charlie!
We had our dog xrayed a few years ago for a chronic cough. They did it while I waited and no sedation was necessary for her. We found out ours had congestive heart failure but she lived another 5 years
to the age of 15!!
Good luck to you and hope everything works out.
Well the whole reason for the x-ray is that our vet suspects an abdominal mass, but Charlie's abdomen is too tender for the vet to palpate it well.
I don't see how sedation could be necessary for her. She's doing so poorly that the last two times our vet has examined her we had to pick her up & put her on the table and she's laid perfectly still; even for the thermometer up her butt.
As long as she cooperates and is still they shouldn't have to sedate her. They probably told you about the sedation b/c it's a possibility, especially since they don't know your dog...they don't know what they're getting in to.

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