Questions about keeping girls cooped during the hurricane


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Hi everyone! We are in Northern MD, and are bracing for the impact of Sandy. Our 6 leghorn girls have a very sturdy coop with plenty of room (built for 12 - 15). I have given them plenty of food and moved their water into the coop. I've got all of the vents closed and locked and lowered the pop door. My plan is to just leave them in there for the duration of the storm. The thing I am wondering about is that it is very dark in there, Even during the day, because there are no windows. The light usualy comes from having the vents open but their pop door is open at all times. I've never had to hold them in the coop for days at a time - is this ok? Anything I should be doing, that I'm not thinking about? I don't have a light that I can run to the coop so that isn't an option at this time.

Thanks in advance!
I locked down & buttoned up our Hen House & their run to keep it as dry as possible - and then I brought our hens into our garage and put them into a large wire dog kennel. Maybe just keep your smallest vent open? I really don't know in this instance, it surely will be terrible weather... but best of luck to you!

Edit: better to be safe and in darkness than not safe.
Visit them during the storm with fresh water :) they should be okay.
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I don't think lack of light will be a major problem for a few days but, I think they still need some ventilation. I would add extra water for them - a dish tub filled or something, just in case you can't get to them for a few days. I'm sure when they hear wind and rain they will be happy they are locked in and safe. Most important is that you stay safe! I Hope This Storm is not as bad as they are warning it might be. Sending Well Wishes and prayers.
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I'd also leave some vent open, sounds like the coop is plenty big but fresh air is vital for them. I don't think the dark will bother them much, maybe slow production down but I think I've read it takes 2 weeks for light to affect laying.......otherwise here in the PNW my girls would quit laying all the time when we don't see the sun for days!

Good luck on riding out the storm.
Every situation is different. I opened their door this morning and even with the high wind they are sitting in the run, all be it under the roof away from the rain. Their coop is a pen in the barn and I have their door secured. I figured they'll have the sense to come in if it gets to bad, they adults after all. If your coop is secure its to the good.

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