Questions about Little Giant 9200 Still air incubator?


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Mar 11, 2007
I turned it on today and the temp. has flucuated between 88 and 110 degrees farenheit. I have never owned a Little Giant incubator (only hovabators) and haven't incubated in almost four years. Also, I have a digital thermometer (that I got four years ago and used for my last hatch and has since been used outdoors.) I replaced the batteries and put that in the 'bator, and the Little Giant also came with a little mercury thermometer. So I put that in the incubator too. They differ by TEN DEGREES! The mercury one says it's about ten degrees hotter in there than the digital one. Which one should I believe?! As I said, the digital one proved to be accurate four years ago with the last hatch, but it has had the probe outdoors since then....So would that cause it to be less accurate?? Also, how much water to add to the L.G? It isn't really specific in the directions. I also took one of the red pluggs out of the top to release excess humidity. If you've operated a L.G 9200 before please comment!
UPDATE: I have the incubator set up in the corner of my bedroom. It's about 67 degrees in there. I put my science project board in front of the 'bator to block andy drafts. The temp hasn't stablelized yet. Ranging fron 94 degrees to 106 degrees according to the old digital thermometer. How many of the water trays am I supposed to fill (I think there's three in the bottom of the 'bator.)
Also, are water wigglers are those squeezable plastic toys filled with water that kids play with? My sisters play with those. We may have some in house. So does putting a thermometer in one simulate the exact temp it is inside the eggs in the incubator?
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Apr 6, 2007
Start by reading this post:

The LG is a high maintenance bator until you get to know it. Start reading, get
to know the bator, and you can have some good hatches. I have with mine.

The mercury thermometer needs to be calibrated. It slides in the clips that
hold it against the paper. Throw it away. Get a water wigler.

As for the water just keep the wells full. When hatching time comes you will
need to add wet towels to boost the humidity.

Again, read the many Little Giant posts that have been written.


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Mar 17, 2008
yes, that one is quite a bit of information, but it still does makes me wonder if I should use a UPS with the bator or not.. the first few pages of the article tell quite a bit, i read all 24 pages ealier yesturday. I tred checking walmart for a special thometer, but ther had none, will later this week check out a pet store for a retile thometer to use witht he incubator then, if not, will just get a wireless model that has a wire to insert in the box then.
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Feb 26, 2008
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My Coop
I just got done with my first hatch ever and my incubator was a LG. The temp went up and down too but I think it was because I was turning the heater off in the house then on at night(not too smart when I look back). My husband pointed out to me, towards the end of the hatch(he was not excited about me trying to hatch peeps), that my Bator does not have a thermostat like our house does. So, my temps can fluctuate with the temp of the room or drafts( duhhh, I had not really thought of that). So, maybe I am a bit slow

But, these little peeps that lived must be pretty tough. 3 hatched out last Sunday and are doing well.

Good Luck !



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Mar 17, 2008
I candled the eggs today, I have kept the eggs between 99 -100 degess and added water as needed to keep the humidity at about 45%. there is no water in the little trough, but the hunidity is at 45%. mine should be hatching about next thursday, about monday, I am taking all the eggs off the auto turner and just let them sit ont he wire mesh.

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Apr 13, 2008
I just had 100% hatch rate in mine. I didnt put any water in it till day 18 then filled all the wells and added the plugs back in to up the humidity. I also put mine in egg cartons to hatch. Read the article about dry incubating. Good luck!


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Feb 19, 2011
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I'm just finishing my first hatch in the LG, 12-14 out of 22 set. Waiting on last 2.

If you are not using a turner put in BIG jars of water, think spagetti jars. Any will help, even small jars. Otherwise fill the LG full of eggs.

If temps keep fluctuating that much, consider returning it for another one.

Temp changes in the room will cause the incubator temp to rise or fall.

Toss out the LG thermometer and calibrate any that you do use. I bought 2 fish tank type thermometers and 3 human mercury free thermometer sand put them in a cup of warm water, they all registered the same temperature. SO I considered they were correct. THese are not easy to read. I use a flash light to see the numbers well.

Keep a detailed notebook. Including room temperature.Track and Look for changes. Don't make changes to LG temperature unless you really have to. A correction can result in a spike if you turn it up. Down is not a problem, just slows hatching.

Put a dimmer knob on the temperature knob. Less than $2 at walmart.

Good luck!
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