Questions about mallards.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Emslilflock, May 28, 2016.

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    May 21, 2016
    I have three mallards that are almost 6 weeks old. I have a few questions;
    Since they are mallards will we have to pinion them or will they stay home? (We live close to a lake and a river. Another duck lady said since they are mallards they will leave.)
    A very common question: how do you sex them? I have one that has started quacking. This specific duck has green tinged tail feathers and a darker beak than my other two. The others are still peeping have no green at all and the bills are turning light. Today I noticed one duck has a lot of white showing up on the wings. The others have white as well, but not near as much.
    Lastly, can they continue to be kept with the chickens? They get along well as of right now.
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    @Emslilflock welcome to BYC here is a link to the Mallard thread
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    Unless you clip the wings, they will fly. Not sure about fly away, but it is a possibility.

    sexing - if it is quacking, it is a girl. At 6 weeks, they will have similar feathering. The boys won't get their boy coloring for a bit. So as the other 2 go from peeping to their real voice, you'll know if you have more girls or a couple of boys

    male ducks can be problematic with female chicks. Their parts aren't compatible. So you can keep them together, but if you end up with boys, keep a close eye and if you see the boy(s) trying to chase or mount the hens, separate ASAP.

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