Questions about winter months and raising chickens


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Aug 19, 2010
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I'm new to raising chickens, just had a few questions about chickens and winter weather. Our coop is in part of our barn, which has outside access to a nice sized run. Just wondering if chickens get cabin fever in the winter months, and if they like going out on sunny days in the winter or not? (Of course depending on the temp.) Just wondering what other people do to keep them from getting bored in the winter? Our run isn't covered but I was planning on shoveling an area of snow so they could go out if they want on mild days. Does anyone have any other suggestions to keep them happy in the winter?


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You may not need to shovel the snow. Some chickens will go out in it, some won't. If they are cooped up a couple things people do are:

Hang a head of cabbage just out of reach, so they need to jump for it.

Give them Flock Block. It's a baked chicken cake full of things they like.

Give them a pile of straw/leaves/yard clippings for them to scratch around in.


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