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    Sep 11, 2008
    I was talking to my science teacher about hatching eggs in the class after the EOG'S. And she said she would love to have a lab full of little chicks. So I have the Incubator and I have the Fertile eggs. I may even talk to a friend of mine about seeing if I can get him to surrender some of his Barred EE's.

    1.) I would have to start them about a week in advance so that we can squeeze it into school. which really is not a problem.

    2.) school is about 2 miles (3 minute drive ) down the road. would transportation if done really carefully be ok considering a mother hen will take anywhere from 30-45 minute breaks to eat and relieve herself ?

    3.) I do not have an auto turner, would it absolutely destroy the eggs if they were not turned on weekends or at the minimum once ? I know some days I just completely forget to do it and they end up ok.

    4.) She said that she had no idea how to do it so I would have to teach the classes. How does one go about teaching, rude, slightly violent, most of whom probably wont listen, teenagers. (I really do not sugar coat the way most of the kids my age act. ) about hatching and raising chicks. when they found out I had pet chickens they asked when I was going to have fried chicken. [​IMG]

    They sometimes scare me, this being my first and last year of middle school I kinda missed the whole social thing. in my opinion was probably a good thing.

    So how does the kid with a 100% Science average teach the science of incubation ?
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    I once took my Pipped silkie egg in the incubator for a 3 hour drive (I had to get to a Funeral) and it hatched perfectly fine, even though it was a bumpy ride. For that long of a drive I had to buy an attachment so I could plug the bator in, in my car. But for you, I really don't see any problems going for a 3 min. Drive.

    Good Luck!

    As for the other question you have.... I have no Idea, LOL.
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    why not. i am with our gen is will how to put it in good ways [​IMG] and [​IMG] . You know there are a lot of site's with how to "tech" teens i did a spech in ELA on call ducks there was the class "CLOWN" but other then that it whent good. What grade are you in ? Guess what i know a 4 year old that knows how to use a computer at 4 i did not know what a computer was
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    A three minute ride shouldn't hurt them. Just wrap them tightly and GO FO IT! Not sure on the turning though. I always say the more the merrier. And as for teaching, I was just offered to teach half the poultry lecture for my Animal Feeds and Nutrition Class at my college. I agreed, but then I realized "oh snap, these are my peers, I have to teach them! OH SNAP!" So I panicked and freaked and I didn't even practice my lecture. But when it came time to do it it went really well and I enjoyed it. Just get up there and be yourself, that's what works for me. They should respond well to blunt facts, shock is always a great way to attract attention. You'll be fine though. [​IMG]
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    Sep 11, 2008
    Quote:Shock [​IMG] So I should pretend to accidentally throw an egg at someone not paying attention.

    Quote:I was home schooled for four years and I did not get out much, except for church. and the majority, not all there are the few that are really great and have awesome personality's. but a good percentage of the people I have seen at school and else where could be better with their actions.

    For fear of going off topic I will leave it at that.
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