Quick frustrated rant...


13 Years
May 29, 2010
The runaway Roo, I heard him crow next to the bedroom window this morning! He rarely comes so far. When I was out and about to let the birds out, I found him checking out his old flock through their fence. But he saw me, he ran, I bolted after him. I ran after him almost 200ft and then slid and JUST MISSED HIM! My fingers just barley grazed his tail feathers as he popped through the fence and gone again he was. AHHHH!!!!
Bad Lil Rooster!
I know! I was so close...so darn close.
My dobie didn't run fast enough...
If my Chi mutt would come when called, I could of let her chase him down. She catches wild birds out of thin air, lol.
He can't get in unless I catch him and place him in the run or open the human door to the coop.
I don't allow them to free-range.
i bet that would be pretty fun to see ha jk
yea i know how frusterated u musta been
somethin like that hapenid to me once
only it wasnt a little black jap bantam
it was a roadrunning ginnie
talk about hard to catch
No trap.

Don't free-range because they are stupid flighty. I am going to sell a few of them, either within the next few weeks or wait until spring. I want that wild roo gone, he better either let me catch him or freeze once it snows 2ft later in the year.

I added to the run, 10ft by 6ft or so.

The Silkies have taught some of the Japs to like me a little, one hen is very bold and comes out to eat with them.

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