Quick question about roost height/nest box height


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
Hi all!

I know there are a million posts about this, but I couldn't find one that answered this question:

Will this work...

bottom of nest boxes 15" from the plywood floor (so from top of litter would be 10-11")
Top of nest boxes (slanted roof) would be at 27" at the back

Roost at 30" from the plywood floor (so 25-26" from the top of the litter) in an L shape -partially in front of a window.

11 standard hens (large breeds-not Brahmas or Jerseys)
3 bantys (2 white wyandottes and 1 buff brahma)

Chicken door 14"wide and 16" tall under the window, under the roost.

Roosts will have a droppings board.

Does that make sense!!?? Coop almost done. Can't wait to post pics!!!!

Thanks for your help!! Spring is coming!


Will this work for them all????
Sounds fine to me.

Only thing I can suggest is that, unless you have such space aplenty in your coop that you don't mind semi-losing some floor space, if you put the nest boxes and roosts-with-droppings-boards just a little higher, they could use the floorspace underneath 'em more freely. I'd say something like 16" above whatever you think will be the max height of litter. You probably have some flexibility of how far below the roost to put the droppings board but (and the following is just a guess, I haven't fooled around with it that much) it probably needs to be at least a 6" separation between the two?

Good luck, sounds like you're just about ready for the chickens
Wanna see pix when the coop is done!!

The design I saw for nest boxes was 18" tall at the back, 10" at the front with a 45 degree sloped roof. Given my space, that means the back of the nest box will be at 27" height and the bottom 5" above the litter. The droppings board will be 24", so they will be able to move about freely underneath.

Can the bottom of nest box be that low????


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