Quick Question on outdoor Coop.

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    Nov 2, 2010
    My grandparents asked me to find out something for them.

    They have a chicken coop with 6 chickens and have had them since the start of June. As the weather is starting to turn for the worst heavy rainfall is turning to be a big problem for them, the grass is turning very quickly to swampy mud and they are having to constantly move the coop in order for the chickens to have proper grass to stand on, this isn't going to work forever lol
    So they asked me to find out if you guys know of anything they can put down for the chickens so they don't have to keep moving them around.
    Thanks in advance for reading.
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  2. Chickens will quickly reduce any grassy area where they are confined to a field of dirt...add water, and you have mud! [​IMG] You say they move the coop...is this like a tractor? When I think of a coop, it is a stationary structure to which a fenced in "run" is attached.


    The first picture is of our coop, and the second is of the run. The run is where we turn out the birds to play, scratch, eat bug, etc in a confined area when they cannot free range. This area, if placed on top of grass, will soon be dirt - the chickens soon scratch, eat, and poop it to dirt in no time. The coop has a floor (ours is wood), but is often just a dirt floor (be aware that predators may be able to dig under your coop through the floor unless precautions are taken with wire, etc.) I don't know of any way to keep a coop/run with fresh grass unless it is consistantly moved.
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    Nov 2, 2010
    haha thanks !
    It's exactly that! lol
    Sorry i'm not of much help....but they're the ones that keep them haha I'm the one with net access [​IMG]
    Thanks anyways [​IMG] they have an indoor bit which is shut at night and it has perches and they lay there eggs in there lol
    I'll just tell them to keep moving it around....they were just worried as there is alot of swampy mud in there run and they don't like the idea of the chickens not having Grass is all.
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    Check out my mud page (link in .sig below); there are a bunch of things you can do.

    Good luck, have fun,


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