Quiet Buffs!


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Feb 2, 2012
We have been so happy with our Eight Buffs - they are Pretty, and so quiet! Was just bragging to the Wife this Morning - "hardly even Know they are here - Great Neighbors, and just a Joy to have. No Crowing and Commotion like the Ones across the Valley. They are more than Three Quarters of a Mile, and We hear them All the Darn Day Long."

Just then, I Hear an AWFUL Cacophony, and here come all Eight, Flying/Running in Ground Effect, SHOUTING!!! I look past them, and just catch a glimpse of something Furry and Grey heading uphill towards the Woods. The Girls then milled around SHOUTING, one first, then another taking up the Responsibility....Sheesh! Took more than a Half-Hour to get them Quiet. They now are huddling in the Front yard, and I don't know if I am gonna be able to get them in their Run/Coop in the Side Yard, where they were previously Loathe to leave for anything!

I guess my Girls have Found Their Voices, and I am in for some Complaints from the Neighbors! WOW What a Change!!
Sounds like your girls did just what they should have. You were really fortunate not to lose any! I'm sure your neighbors will understand considering the circumstances - and considering they aren't at it all day long!
We live in the Great NorthBest - in/around the Puget Sound, Up Worshintun Way.

Haven't seen any Wolves - But we do have Eagles, Bears, Cats (Feral and Belled, Little and BEEEG!), Hawks, Raccoons, Weasels, Dogs, Foxes, and More, More, More!

Isn't the Rule that Chicken Folks need to be ready for all/Any Predators that live in adjoining Counties? The Chicken Dinner Bell Rings that far?
We're probably pretty close to you. Bet it was a coyote. We lost one of our chickens to a coyote and since then he's been back a LOT looking for his next meal. I had to throw a rock in his direction to make him go away tonight. I've started carrying mace as well, just in case.

Coyotes are incredibly quick. If you don't have time to watch them 100 percent of their free range time, maybe cut their time back. Better bored chickens than no chickens!
Yeah, We have seen Coyotes here in the past, and hear them often. That is what I suspected it was, since I didn't see the RingTail on the Grey Furry rump that disappeared just as soon as I spotted it.

Have an application in for a Supressor for my .22 Rifle - waiting for the Gummint "Worker" to approve the app. Put it in in January, and still have not heard back. One "Worker" for WA, OR, ID, and MT, can't Get around to approve or Deny the app in Six Months!

Have the Run Directly Below the Deck, and against the House. Have "No Dig" Hardware cloth Panels out two feet under the Sod, tied into the Hardware cloth "walls" that go up Three Feet, before turning into Chicken Wire for the rest of the Ten Feet "Walls". Purchased Electric Fencing Set-Up, but had not yet installed it. Probably need to do so, ASAP!

The Girls are pretty spooked, having basically abandoned their usual "Haunt" and are now going into the Front Yard (Where I don't Want them, as that is where the Wild Bird Feeders are), and Today were gonna go down our Driveway before the Wife Caught them.

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