"quiet" chickens???


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Are there specific breed(s) of chicken that are known to be QUIETER then the rest?

I ask because after removing the 2 known roos from my group I expected to have just peeping and quiet "regular" chicken noises ... NOT! Apparently one of the chickens (a pullet) has decided that she should take over the roos job every morning. So as soon as the lights come on for anywhere from 10-30 minutes ... SHE CROWS! I've also noticed that she sometimes does it if I am near them for a bit and then walk away (out of sight). Also, a couple times I noticed she did it and upon inspection of the area one of the cats had happened to walk by. The other pullet makes peeping noises but NEVER has crowed. Due to our situation we have to have "quiet" birds ... so sadly I fear I am going to have to get rid of ms. NOISY-BUTT ... which will leave me with another dilemma ... I know they like to be in a group, so I need to find her a new friend or 2 that will be as nice and calm and quiet as she is.

Any suggestions?
You should look into Golden Comets (sex links). They arn't flashy like other breeds, but they are VERY laid back and well-mannered girls. They do the constant muttering to themselves, but rarey get louder other than egg-time. They're also easy-going on other flock members and lay very faithfully for their owners.

I love my flock. Don't give them treats for tapping on your porch door though if you want peace and quiet. They learn that one fast.
We don't have a single quiet chicken in our flock of 7 but our EE is the quietest! She rarely sings the egg song but she does "bark" at me while chasing me for treats! Our Golden sex link is one of the loudest when it comes to the egg song. She sings it longest and loudest before she even goes into the nest box. I guess she likes to announce the deed ahead of time! We have two Silver Laced Wyandottes and one has a very noisy egg song but they are both fairly quiet most of the time. Our two Barred Rocks talk all the time but rarely sing an egg song. They always have an opinion about everything! And our top hen is a Black Australorp. She keeps a close eye out for real or perceived danger. She sings a loud warning song if anything is out of the ordinary. We have six different kinds of chicks in our brooder this spring. It will be fun to see their personalities develop! I sure hope they will end up being like our quieter ones but I'm not holding my breath!
Sometimes a hen will take over the roos job doesn't matter the breed. I had a black sexie that did. Even attempted to mate with the other hens.

Some hens just love to sing at the top of their lungs when they lay an egg. One of my RIR's would go on for 30minutes afterwards!
agreed...my RSL have the best personalities
Are they relatively small? My chickens are "house chickens" so they have to be small to keep inside. These 2 girls are bantams and only about a pound right now. I just can't believe the one is SOOOOO loud!
OH! Completely different story then!!

You want silkies or cochins then. Small, friendly, fluffy, and quiet.

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