Quilt Frame, Never Used, Never Assembled w/Extension Kit (SOLD) /Fannin Co. GA

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    This boxed up quilt frame and extension kit was in my late father's basement. I don't recall ever seeing one set up in their house. The extension kit box doesn't appear to have been opened and I don't think the main frame's box was, either. I have not opened it to set it up myself, though I will do that before you come pick it up to be sure it's all there. I do believe it is and that it was probably never used; I know I never used it.

    The box is rough looking because its been in my dad's basement for many years. My mother died in 1999 and she had Alzheimers for a couple of years before that and other health issues prior to even that. The frame came from a Lee Ward's store, which is something like Michael's Crafts, not sure they even exist today.

    I can't guarantee anything about the frame (though I will open it and check it out for you) but I can't use it myself so maybe someone can. Of course, it has to be picked up here at the house, too bulky/heavy to mail.

    Cash only, Pickup in Fannin County, GA off Hwy 60 Spur.

    ETA: I just opened it this Sunday morning and it's brand spanking new, instructions, hardware, parts list, etc, all there, wood is brand new, obviously never used. Some rust on a couple of the metal hardware pieces from the bsmt storage but otherwise in perfect, new condition.
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