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    I made a quilt for, "Quilts of Valor," and am so pleased to have been able to present it to my son. The Quilts of Valor organization is just amazing! My husband and I are so proud of our oldest son, Michael. He served our country, as an Airborne Ranger for nearly 10 years. He served many places, including Kuwait, Haiti, Somalia, and others. He has many decorations, and is humbled. He accepted the quilt with tears. Here is the quilt he received. I hope you don't mind that I share this with you, here.

  2. WOW , just gorgeous ! What a striking quilt !
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    I am sure that one day his son would also be honored to take that quilt as his own. YOu done a beautiful job!!!! Tell your son that my family says "Thanks for serving" he went where I could not go and done what I could not do. That, my friend, takes a lot of courage.
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    Beautiful quilt!!! And a big HOOAH from an Army wife.
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    What a beautiful quilt.

    Please thank your son from our family for his service to our country.
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    Salutes and thank you to you and your son..You for supporting and honoring him and him for his service!!

    And what a beautiful token of appreciation!!
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    Please tell your son a big THANK YOU from our family!! For his service, his complete act of servitude and selflessness, and he and his family's sacrifice in order that we might enjoy the freedoms that we have all learn to love and too often take for granted. With everything they must contend with these days he is a TRUE HERO.....thank you and him very much!!!

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    From a career military wife, much gratitude to your son. My friend Janet Ray Weininger has an organization called "Wings of Valor", and the Quilts of Valor reminded me of that. http://wingsofvalor.org/

    , my oldest son is also named Michael. After going around with us when his dad was in the Air Force, guess he didn't want that life. Your quilt is stunning!
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    Such a beautiful quilt, a wonderful way to honor the service from such a selfless hero.
    And a wonderful way for a mom to show her love and devotion to a son.
    Please tell your son Thank you from our family as well.
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    I wish I had the picture of Michael with the quilt, but that photo wasn't on my camera. It is on someone else's camera. You can see a picture of him, in our family photo ... here ...


    Thank you all for the comments. It is truly heartwarming. Thanks for letting me share with you.

    I know of the Wings of Valor organization. The history of that organization is here:
    http://wingsofvalor.org/history.htm It melts my heart, when I read it. I so admire Janet for her determination and loyalty!

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