quitting thier feed????

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    Aug 20, 2008
    Hi all,

    Any of you have any experience with thier girls quitting thier layena???? For the past 2 summers, the girls have stopped eating the Layena feed.

    There are currently 3 roosters - one cochin bantam who is the oldest, 2 aracauna roosters who are about 6 months old. 5 cochin bantam hens. 2 aracuana hens who are about 6 months old.

    my Cochins usually lay every day. the aracuana's have not started laying yet.

    will they lay if they don't eat the layena? why do they stop???? They continue to forage for bugs, and I put a bit of scratch out, but it doesn't seem like enough to sustain them. They aren't loosing much weight, but are loosing a bit. Combs are all red and healthy, and they are bright and run around the barnyard all day. I do supplement veggies and fruits about twice a week as things go past their prime for us humans, but no moldy or ruined food. Also, I throw bread out occasionally, but not more than a few slices that i tear up in pieces.

    the 2 aracauna roosters are pretty much a pest to the hens. I"d like to keep one aracuana rooster as he is so pretty, but i'm thinking they both need to go to new homes so my hens can relax. Will having these extra roosters upset the hens laying? I've never had more than the cochin rooster before this. the 2 aracaunas came along when I gave some of my neighbors eggs to a broody hen this spring!

    Also, how long do hens usually lay? Do they stop as they age? my cochin hens are 5-6 years old and lay sporadically.

    thanks for your help!
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    Amy, I think it may mostly have to do with Summer temperatures. And, free ranging at this time of year can be productive for a chicken - they may be finding a lot of food. But, you are certainly adding some confusion to the barn yard now that those young roosters are coming of age.

    I don't know the answer to your age question, I've only had one hen that was kept so long. If they are continuing to lay, I can't help but think that they are staying healthy.

    Your veggies and fruit and even a few slices of bread aren't likely to have a whole heck of a lot of calories and throw them off their feed. They probably don't need much in the way of calories for heat right now but it doesn't sound like you are over-doing it.

    I think the young roosters have outstayed their welcome. I had a neighbor who gave me 9 young roosters once. When they hit that magic moment of maturity - all hell broke loose around the place. My little flock of 1 adult rooster and 5 hens was thrown into turmoil. The surplus roosters had to go and go quickly.


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