Qustions about chickens & honeybees


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Jan 22, 2015
Western Maryland
I hope this post is in the right place. My hubby & I would really like to raise chickens & keep a couple hives of honeybees in our backyard. We have not purchased anything yet. Does anyone here have both on their property? We want to make sure both chickens & honeybees can coexsist safely in a backyard. We have a half acre. How far apart should the chickens be from the bees? Do chickens eat honeybees? Since will live in a neighborhood & there are neighbor dogs & cats we will have to confine the chickens to a large run. We are newbies to both of these hobbies so any advice would be greatly appreciated:)


5 Years
Jun 10, 2014
I keep saying I'm gonna get bees (and I've got a mostly built top bar hive in the garage right now) - but I've got no practical experience at this point.

That being said, I've been to several farms and seen chickens and bees kept within 100 feet of each other - so it can be done.

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