R.I.P. My beloved "Pineapple"

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    I am still so sad about this. You all may remember that i was mixing a few breeds together to make these funky chickens. Well, I sold 3 out of the ones I hatched, and this one was the only one I was left with. There had been an owl at our place a few times. 1 time, i heard screams from a chicken, and the owl was gone. Next night, i found him in my childrens playhouse, where my young chickens would sleep (yes they were born freerangers, raised by a momma). Needless to say... Pineapple had a heart attack... he wasnt BADLY injured. Only a few cuts from the owls nails. This happened about a month ago. So here is my baby, I had to share his beauty with all of you. (i havent been on byc for about 6 months prior to these last few posts)

    I will begin my project all over again once those breeds i mix become available. Which i hope is soon!
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    Wow... so sad.. Sorry [​IMG]

    She sure looks like she was a sweetheart....
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    I know how you feel, it's been a year since I lost my little Lookout chicken and Sweet pea. I still cry cause I miss them. They where one of a kinds.......... [​IMG] so sorry

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