Rabbit acting "frisky"


10 Years
Feb 6, 2009
I am a first time bunny owner. Need to know about "normal" behavior.

Bought a mini-rex several weeks ago. She is about 8 months old. She seemed pretty shy at first (of course, I have no prior bunny experience). She has gone from not wanting to be picked up to cuddling our necks. She is caged most of the time, but out of the cage, she has gone from skulking around the edges of the room to alternately leaping and laying down next to me, very relaxed. Progress!

Here's my issue/question: Is it weird for her to hump my hand? She did that today. I reached out my hand to pet her & she put her paws around my wrist and humpa-humpa. DD said, "They lied! She's a boy!"

Is she a boy??????? Should we get her a mate?


Barista Queen
11 Years
Mar 5, 2008
Congrats on the new bunny! She could be a boy-people make mistakes with sexing all the time. It's great that she/he is warming up to you (well not the humping part). I would not suggest a mate unless you are an experienced breeder. Mini breeds are known to have pregnancy/birth complications, and you should have some good knowledge about possibilities before you breed. You could try sexing her/him yourself, or look for a local breeder to help you.

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