Rabbit hutch made into a coop??

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  1. sparkette65

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    Apr 1, 2009
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    Ok, I have a rabbit hutch, and no rabbit. We want to convert it into a coop for a few chickens. Its about 3' deep and 4' (maybe 4 1/2') wide. DH is going to attach a 12x12 nest box on the outside of it. How many chickens should we put in it... we wanted 4, and I think maybe two will be a better idea.... I dont want to crowd them in there. ???
    any ideas on how we should do it... with that small of a coop, should we put a vent in both sides? or leave it closed up? does it need a window?
    We will be making a run to attach to it. So they will sleep in there, and lay eggs, but have access to the run during the day time.
    Any advice will be appreciated. [​IMG]
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    If you can add a run, 2-4 chickens would fit (I'd personally go more like 2 or 3).

    It definitely needs ventilation, but being small you might want to limit the ventilation to one or two sides unless you are in a hot or always-mild climate, and you want to make sure rain won't blow in and soak the chickens at night. Sometimes having ventilation openings into a roofed run works well.

    They'll need some sort of light in there, but if you have a good sized ventilation opening that might be sufficient window (tho if you will have to close it partly down sometimes you might want to make it plexiglas).

    If you look at the small coops in the 'coop design' part of this site (see link at very tippy top of this page) you will see some converted rabbit hutches I believe, that may give you some ideas.

    Good luck, have fun,

  3. CoyoteMagic

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    Right now I have a hutch that I am using for my bobwhites. They are only 8 weeks old so they are doing fine.

    Do you have a pic of you hutch? Maybe we could give some better tips if we saw a pic of what we are working with.
  4. sparkette65

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    Apr 1, 2009
    MA/RI border
    I didn't think to take a pic... lol,
    It's dark out now, so I will go and take one in the am and post it sometime soon after.
    I really appreciate anything you all can suggest to me. I've never had a chicken before, ducks, parrots, cockatoo's, love birds, cats, my salt water tank, and My Awesome Golden Retriever: Murphy Bear!! yes, but chickens... nope, soon though, very soon [​IMG]
  5. equus2

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    Here's a pic of a BYC'rs hutch. I'd intended to so the same to a hutch I purchased, but no time.......isn't it sweet?[​IMG]

  6. GardeNerd

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    Hey that's mine! [​IMG]

    It is 42" x 26" interior measurements with the two levels dividing another 42" tall. The outside measurements are slightly larger.

    It holds 6 standard at 6 to 9 weeks old fine right now, but they are growing fast. They will soon be spending more time in the regular coop and in a dog exercise pen, too. I would guess my tractor hutch would only hold 2 standard full sized hens at a time, but I am not there yet to give you an accurate answer. It would be better suited for bantams if you want more than two. It has been an excellent in between size brooder/ coop. It goes into the garage each night with a heat lamp in it.

    here is my page on it:

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