Rabbit people, is this fair trade?


Mad Scientist
14 Years
Jun 1, 2008
I advertised 2 free 8wk old gamefowl on craigslist. I got a response from a man that wants them. He was going to pick up but if I deliver he will give me a choice of one of following -chocolate satin,creme d'argents,Californians, or new Zealand whites - he also has flemish(which I always wanted) but I am sure I would have to pay something for one of them, waiting to see if he has them. He is 40 mins away, if I can't get a flemish, are any of those other breeds worth driving 40 mins to get? if so it would need to be good with kids....thanks for any help
he actually said I could have the flemish for free
I just have to wait as the doe is not due til next week and then I need to wait 4-5 weeks to get it...considering getting 2, still not sure
maybe it's to make up for all the stuff I give away, kharma ?
I have to see if they are pure flemish, I know he also crosses american chinchilla with them too, read up on those suckers....says they are massive. either way I am happy, now see if I can talk dh into 2
he will sell me a second for $20 He is a nice guy too

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