Rabbit Recipes?

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  1. fangedknight

    fangedknight Songster

    Hey guys!

    Wanted to see if anyone had any good recipes for cooking rabbit. We're just getting ready to get started on our meat rabbit project and I wanted to get some ideas for what to make when the time comes.
  2. Welshies

    Welshies Crowing

    May 8, 2016
    Alberta, Canada
    Rabbit can replace almost any meat, at least white meat. It's like dark chicken meat- very dark. It's great in stews, fried, or even roasts. Even roasting a rabbit and slicing it thinly for sandwhiches is wonderful.
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  3. itsasmallfarm

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    Oct 27, 2016
    my grandma always makes stew out of rabbits (well she grew up on jack rabbit) and i think rabbit stew is amazing :)
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  4. Ms Biddy

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    Dec 4, 2017
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    I like it fried like chicken, with gravy and mashed potatoes. Sorry that's not a recipe, but it does make me hungry for rabbit.
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  5. fangedknight

    fangedknight Songster

    Oooo okay, stew I was definitely thinking of.

    Hee hee, it's all good. I was about to say if anyone's in Pennsylvania and wants some rabbit once I get my meaties going I'd be happy to sell some to ya!

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