Rabbit Treats? And breed guessing (:


7 Years
Feb 21, 2012
Near Monroe, North Carolina
I got a rabbit, he's definitely a mutt though. But thats okay cause hes not for breeding or for eating so hes just there to be cute and cuddly. Hes not quite warmed up to me yet but the more I bring him food, the more he will venture out of his cage to come see me. So I was just wondering, what foods are good and what are bad for rabbits? I know most veggies should be alright but what about stuff like strawberries and watermelon? I was looking for a list but couldnt find one on here.

You cant see it in the pic but he has a cute little mohawk of long fluff between his ears. The rest of his fur is medium length but so soft

His cage is pretty small for him so I fixed him the little play area so he could stretch out some while I'm not there. I will be building him a cage outside eventually but hes pretty happy chillin in my room. I think at first he was confused by all the birds in there though lol
Lionhead mix. It's the only gene that can cause fluff on the head and no where else on the body.

Single mane gene carrier. If he was double maned he'd have a full mane.
aww, so cute! i let mine run around my garden 4x10 fenced with chicken wire. she loves spinach and parsley and will not say no to a strawberry plant. she loves the leaves and could care less about the actual berries. I don't know what kind she is either, but like yours, she's a pet. she runs around the room and comes back and hops into my lap when i sit on the floor, then she'll leave, then come back and give kisses.
Handsome little fellow! The markings remind me of what's called an English Spot.So possibly an English Spot/Lionhead cross?

If you've never had a house rabbit before, just make sure he's never let out in the house unsupervised. Some rabbits will housebreak and use a litterbox just fine, but their teeth never stop growing so then never stop gnawing on things--if he gets hold of an electrical cord and chews it, he could be killed and/or the house could burn down.

They do make lovely and quiet pets, and some do snuggle lovingly, just be aware of the danger.

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