Rabbit water bottle for Chicks?


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Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
I been looking around for a better way to keep the chicks water intake at bay without having to have open access water that can risk drowning.
I breed pure bred Florida White Rabbits as well as now starting my first ever chicks. Will it work to use a Rabbit's water bottle for the chicks? Im thinking about poking a hole in their box and putting the nozzle of the water bottle through it for them but want to ask around first.

Im even using one of the rabbit feeders for them also. It's a holder that screws on between the bars of the cage and the bowl is easily removed. THey love it! They even make a mess out of their chick starter feeds.

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I use them all the time. The chicks and chickens all use them and it keeps the shavings out of the water. They can't knock them over either. I just squeeze a few drops out for them to see and once one trys it they all do. Good luck.
LOL! It's funny how they pick at the hole that I put in the box and when I slipped the nozzle through, they all started running to the other corner. Your right, it took only 1 chick to do the deed then all follow suit.
I think I may try this in addition to the regular waterer... although I am getting tired of them pooping in their waterer (my chicks are still in the brooder waiting for the run to go up on the coop this weekend).
Yep, works like a charm!

My daughter has a pair of Bantam Cochins for a 4-H project and that little roo can't help himself but scratch (and spill) anything he can get his little feathered feet on. Rabbit feeders and waterers are our friends with him. Actually, if you look in the bird section of a store like Petsmart, they make bird waterers that are designed exactly like a rabbit waterer. They just have glass, rather than plastic bottles and sell for twice as much.
I'm building a brooder today! I"m so glad I stumbled on to this thread. I'm def. gonna try this...I'm assuming this works for big girls too?
Absolutely! This is my first time with chicks, too, and I just put up 32 oz. plastic rabbit waterers for them. I did make sure that *all* of them knew how to use them, and they have about 1 waterer per 4 chicks. It works wonderfully well and I have seen posts here on BYC where some use them for their adult chickekns, too. I certainly plan too and am surprised that they are not more recommended/advertised for poultry! Some even have flip tops so you can re-fill them without dismounting the bottles... hopefully I can find the gallon size bottles with that feature!

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