Rabbit with VD?


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Mar 16, 2011
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We help with local shelters find rabbits home and took in four bunnies tonight. The lady that had them, well wasn't a rabbit person but a customer leasing a barn from her had the rabbits and left them at the end of the barn lease. So first thing I did was sex them, looks like 1 boy and 3 girls, but two have 'stuff' on there junk. I can't find pictures online about rabbit VD but don't want to bring them all home to my show rabbits if anything is a problem.... Please help
There shouldn't be any reddness, inflamation, or crusty looking stuff on, or anywhere around, the entire genital area, and shouldn't be any growths or wart looking things, no matter how tiny. Does anything look like that?

Does can sometimes have a darkish looking gunk in the vent area that can be seen when pressure is applied. Something like that is normal and can be cleaned occasionally as needed. If you've been breeding does then you're probably familiar with that "gunk". If something looks out of the norm it is.

I'm sure you know this, but no matter how healthy new rabbits look, a completely separate quarantine area for them is the way to go so there can't be any cross contamination to the established herd, from them or their keepers.
Rabbits do get syphilis. It's more common to notice it on their faces, but it a VD and they do show signs around the genitals (it's just that most people don't pay that much close attention to that area). Many people don't notice when it first starts as small red sores, but left untreated the sores become much larger, can ooze, and they can develop cornified protrusions that look quite spectacular. If I remember correctly, it is treated with antibiotics and is cureable.

This website has some good basic information and lots of great pictures documenting the progression and treatment of syphilis in one particular bunny.
I am no rabbit expert, but know they can get irritated if in filthy conditions. Is it possible the housing was not clean and perhaps it is irritation from urine?
Rabbits often get pimples on the genitalia. In addition does that are really ready to breed (I know they have no heat cycle) can become very engorged and almost purple colored.
I broke down and took them to the vet, no worries! Just bad living cond before we got them. She said they just had UTIs and a bit of hutch burn.

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