Rabbits and Chickens Living Together?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by sophiaw00, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Apr 27, 2015
    I just rescued a rabbit, Ollie, who had been dumped outside by someone about a week after Christmas in negative degree weather. He has severe cataracs in one eye that have caused it to go blind and has a bad case of ear mites, which are being treated. Other than that, he's a sweet heart who wants nothing more than a warm bed and a towel to lay on. It won't be until after his mites are treated, but eventually he will need to be integrated in with the flock so that he has the warmth and predator protection that their coop provides. I have a large rabbit hutch but it is not nearly as secure as the coop and I do not have the money to build or buy a new one.

    So has anybody been successful with rabbits and chickens living together here? How did you make it work?
    How did you integrate them together? I was thinking about adding a smaller used hutch into the chicken run so that Ollie has a place just for him. This will allow the birds and Ollie to be able to see, smell, and hear eachother without being able to physically interact. Then, eventually I will let him out in the run with them and hope everything goes well. The last time my birds saw a wild rabbit, they all went crazy because they were so scared of it. I'm hoping that him being in the run with them for a few weeks will help this. The smaller coop with stay in the run even after he is integrated so that he has his own space and the birds can't get to this feed, water, hay, and veggies. Does this sound good? What else could I do?

    Here's my sweet boy:

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    So has anybody been successful with rabbits and chickens living together here? Yep!
    How did you make it work? Well our bunny WAS there before the chickens but they never Actually had any contact until last year.

    How did you integrate them together? We just let her out of the hutch. The chickens (besides one gutsy little pullet) were too afraid of the grass munching beast to get near her and now they just kinda coincide with each other, kinda neutral friendship I suppose?

    I feel like him being in the run (in a hutch or cage) for a few weeks would totally help them get used to each other and form a sort of pecking order among each other!

    Ollie is a total cutie btw ^^

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