rabbits and guinea bigs cohabiting?

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by bossynbella, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Aug 11, 2007
    We have a guinea pig, his brother passed away last fall, why we are not sure, he is not even a year old, So now he is by himself, I tried getting another male but he kept trying to fight him, I don't want a female because I don't want babies, but poor Spaz seems lonely, we plan to get a pair of holland lops this spring, was curious if a holland lop or even a netherland dwarf (something small) would be able to keep him company? He has a 3' long by 2' wide cage with a shelf that is 6" deep and runs the width of the cage (we set his food on it so he doesn't get bedding in it) would this be big enough for him and a small doe rabbit?

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    Apr 9, 2009
    I would say no, rabbits can be very territorial and would likely injure the GP. I would get another male GP and keep them caged beside each other, but seperate for a couple of weeks and then introduce them.
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    Definitely no. Rabbits and guinea pigs have different nutritional needs aside from what taraann already said about injuries. Guineas are social by nature and even a male will need a friend especially if they just lost a companion. Separate cages is a good idea next to each other if you can manage it is better. It is possible that they may never be able to live in the same cage due to territorial issues but they will still be happier knowing there is another pig in the house. Also, when you go to introduce them, make sure you do it in a neutral setting not just putting them in the same cage right away.

    Good luck!
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    No, no, no!

    Sorry, I constantly see them housed together at pet stores, and its a BAD idea... Do you know how strong rabbit kicks are? They can do some serious damage to a guinea pig... Of course, people do it, so its not completely impossible, but its not in the best interest of the critters, the risks severely outweigh the benefits, so its just not worth it.

    Guinea pigs also require Vitamin C, which rabbits don't, so feeding would be an issue.

    Best thing is to get another boy and let them get used to each other. Guinea pigs do better in same sex pairs, so two males should be able to get along, with the right introduction. keep them caged next to each other, but separate. let them out to play together, supervised, in a neutral area. I know about bunny bonding, can't remember what exactly my sister used to do for GPs, other than that... With bunnies I'd put them in a carrier and set it on top of the washing machine, or in the car for a drive. The shaking would frighten them, causing to cuddle up with each other for comfort, and they'd be buddies afterwards. It was like insta-bonding, lol.
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    Aug 11, 2007
    thanks for the response even though its not what I wanted to hear. We did the separate cage thing with the last one. Spaz just doesn't seem to like having them near. He would even growl ( a weird guttural noise) and his hackles would get raised up just seeing poor Teddy. Teddy was a very calm and docile pig he was not dominate at all, and would just run from Spaz when we would take them both out of there cages for play time. We have a small house, with a small living room, with two guinea pig cages it was to much. There was just not enough room for us the two dogs and two cats, Perhaps Spaz shall just be a lonely pig forever. We had them in separate cages for 2 months before trying to combine cages, and we combined to Teddys thinking Spaz would be lest territorial that way, NOPE! So Teddy found a new home (simply because I have had Spaz longer and nursed him back to health after some misinformation from his breeder had us feeding him only rabbit food) He honestly doesn't seem overly lonely, I just think he should be. Anyway thanks for the advise I am glad I asked before I got the rabbit and it hurt Spaz.
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    Aug 5, 2009
    If it helps to know, I have always had single guinea pigs and they have done fine. I make it a point to give them daily attention though...
  7. FireTigeris

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    Rabbits can eat GP food, but GP need GP food and will die on Rabbit food.

    Rabbits can be territorial

    They have different behaviors and will not be able to 'talk' well.
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    Mar 17, 2009
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    Rabbits and GPs also naturally carry diseases that can be fatal to the other species, FYI. So while they may not appear sick at all, they could infect and kill the other one. Not worth the risk, IMO. But its nice of you to care about his happiness [​IMG]

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