Liv's chickens

Nov 6, 2017
Southern Vermont
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Above are our Holland Lop boys
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Above are our Lion Lop babies
Above is our black otter Lionhead buck
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Our mini Rex babies above

Hello everyone, we are a small hobby breeder in Vermont (Shaftsbury/North Bennington area), and we have some Lionhead, Holland/Mini Lop, Lion Lop, And Mini Rex babies. They are all super sweet and handled often. We are looking to sell them for $50, $75 for two babies. If anyone is looking for a sweet little bunny or two, let us know! You can contact at You can also check out our website at We will also attach some pictures of the babies. Also, if anyone has any sites or recommendations for selling rabbits, we would love to know! We are new to the area so any insight is really appreciated!

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