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    Mar 13, 2010
    East Pennsylvania
    I currently have a bunch of animals for sale because a lot of the babies that
    were born this spring have mature enough for me to pick and choose between them.
    I currently have the following for sale.

    Bishop's Rocky, Broken Blue Satin Sr. Buck $60: Rocky has a great body and has
    been shown on several occasions and has won BOB and BOS many of those times. He
    is getting older and would make a great Stud Buck.

    Bishop's Eclipse Jr., Black Otter Satin Sr. Buck $50: Eclipse Jr. has a good
    body and great coloring. He is a tad off in texture due to sun bleaching and
    molt. He has been shown as well and has received BOV and BOSV many times. Would
    be a good show/stud Buck.

    Bishop's Pitbull, Broken Blue Satin Jr. Buck $40: Pitbull has a just as good of
    a body as his brother but lacks a tad in texture that is the only reason I am
    parting with him.

    Bishop's Artimis, False Blue Otter Satin Jr. Doe $30: Artimis has a good body
    and would be one of my show rabbits expect she is a false otter not a true
    otter. She would be a great addition to any Otter breeding program.

    2 Broken Blue Satin Jr. Does $30: Both does lack a tad in the midsection that is
    the only reason that they are leaving other wise I would be keeping them.

    2 Blue Charlie Satin Jr. Does $20: Does are on the smaller side but have great
    lineage and would make nice babies if they were bred to the right buck.

    Bishop's Brewsky, White Mini Satin Jr. Buck $75: This buck has a banging body. I
    love it so much. His brother has a touch more density other than that they are
    basically equal. He would make a great show rabbit or breeding buck.

    Chinchilla Mini Satin Jr. Buck $75: This buck is the son of the BOV Chinchilla
    at the 2011 ARBA Convention. He has a good start on ring and color definition.
    His type is great also.

    Chinchilla Mini Satin Jr. Doe $75; This doe is a sibling to the buck above. She
    is a tad better than him body wise but he has better color. They would both make
    a good addtion to a breeders herd.

    Bishop's Izzy, White Mini Satin Sr. Doe $40: Izzy would make a great brood doe.
    Back in the day Izzy won BIS at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show. She is a good
    mother and has produced great babies.

    These are all the rabbits I have for sale at the current time. If you are at all
    interested in any one or if you have any questions feel free to email me at
    [email protected] and I will try to respond in a short amount of time.

    Not only do I have rabbits for sale but I also have Chickens (Silkies and
    Cochins) Ducks (Call) and Geese(Sebpastopol). I have a list of them with prices
    as well you may also inquire about them.

    Matt of Bishop Acres

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