Rabbits: How to Sex Your Bunnies

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    Rabbits: How to Sex Your Bunnies


    First, place the bunny in your lap on its back with it's head toward your body.
    This position will keep them subdued while you check.
    Place a finger on each side of the genitals and and slide the skin away from genitals.


    This exposes the genitals and will clearly show a slit on the does.


    Do the same with the bucks.


    Slide the skin gently away from the genitals and a round hole shows a penis popping up.


    And on older bucks you can see the beginnings of the testicles.


    Good fur and good eating!
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    Embarassed to say..... I've had rabbits ALL my life and never learned that. We've always had pets and just kept them apart. Thank you for the education. It will come in handy should I ever need it.
    Now I know. [​IMG]

    edited to say: I meant that sincerely, hope it didn't come off a sarcasm. [​IMG]
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    GREAT pictures! Its always so difficult to find good examples of sexing rabbits. I've managed to get pretty good with practice, but these pictures show how to do it so clearly! Thank you!
  4. Frugal,
    Are those Rex? I LOVE the whole Marylin Monroe beauty mark they have going on....
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    Excellent job, Frugal! That should help a lot of people - the pictures are very clear and your description excellent!
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    excellent photos and beautiful rabbits! [​IMG] I have 3 females myself...1 god only knows what mutt (agouti with semi-lopped ears...not huge, but not tiny)...1 lionhead (has to be a mix...she has no fluff to her mane at all...and her ears are lopped and she's too big...she's mostly white with some brown and black spotting)...and 1 castor mini rex (amaaazingly soft!!!...and gorgeous!)
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    Thanks for the kind words!

    Quote:Yes, I keep about half my herd Rex and half NZWs. I love the pelts I harvest from the Rexs and my grandchildren adore them. Soft and cuddly!
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    Nov 15, 2008
    Wonderful post! [​IMG] Very helpful and informative.
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    Feb 16, 2009
    Maybe this should be a sticky?? If the info is hard to find on the web as someone said in another post....

    ..although, I admit, I find this creepy. [​IMG]
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    LoL... not creepy! Great info! Hard to find elsewhere!

    Frugal- I would be interested in learning how you process your pelts. I recently became the proud mommy of a bunch of Californians and plan on raising the babies for meat... and want to make things from the pelts. [​IMG]

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