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    We are having a rabies epidemic here in SW NM and SE AZ. It's primarily in the foxes, but other critters (coyotes, skunks, bobcats, mountain lions, and bats) have shown up with it. So far this year the Forest Service in our area has killed 7 rabid foxes, and residents have killed at least that many more. Rabies vaccinations for dogs, cats, horses, goats, etc are very important. Several tourists and campers have been bitten. I've heard of a family in the area who are all undergoing rabies treatment because their dog, who hadn't been vaccinated, was bitten by a rabid fox.

    Around here if a wild animal isn't disappearing when you see it, it's probably rabid. Rabid animals don't act normal. They show no fear of humans or dogs, and may even attack. Having the means, the ability, and the will, to shoot a rabid animal isn't just some rambo thing here. It's a necessity.
  2. They have had a lot of rabid skunks in middle Tennessee, that is why I never miss the rabies clinic, and have everybody vaccinated. It's for my protection as well as their own. marrie
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    Our local drug store sells rabie vaccines , they very inexpensive for those with lots of pets or on fixed incomes.
    The only catch is if your pet bites someone you don't have the documented proof of vacination that you get from your vet. But this is cost effective way to protect your pets from wild animals.
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    Compared to what it could cost if your dog, cat, etc isn't vaccinated. $18 at the vet isn't a bad price. NC requires the shot be given at a vet/vet clinic/shot fair
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    We're having quite a few rabid raccoons in our county lately. I think it's up to eight cases now. Scary. I'd never allow a dog of mine to go unvaccinated out here in the woods.
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    That's scary- I heard once (and have no documentation to back it up whatsoever so please correct me if I am wrong) that up until recently there has been only one documented case of rabies west of the Mississippi. Guess it's found it's way here.

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