Raccoon (2) showed up during the day!


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Mar 14, 2013
Hi, so I'm confused about whether or not we should be worrying about racoons getting to our chickens during daylight hours? We lock them up in the predator-proof run and coop at night, but I usually let them out into their larger run from 9 am-7 p.m. Today though, I was in the yard and two big raccoons wandered across the neighbor's yard, across the street and into our alley right next to the coop. I of course put the chickens up, but now feeling insecure about letting them be in their larger run unattended during the day. Do you think the coons would bother chickens during daylight hours??
Personally, I worry about predators 24x7, 365. They're not only hungry after dark, right?
Should you not be around AND should a predator gain access to your pens...

That's likely not an advantageous situation for your birds. Just say'n.

Walnut Creek, CA
Okay, so I agree that predators aren't just hungry at night, but I have to let the girls out during daylight hours! And I can't always be in the backyard watching for a possible day-time-lurking raccoon. So you think it's just a crap-shoot to let them be outside without my supervision? Bummer!! Any other thoughts?
Were you where the raccoons could see you? If they saw you AND continued mosying along AND it was daytime, I would be concerned whether they have some neurologic disease (distemper, rabies.).
Can you keep the girls in for a couple of days? I also let mine free range during the day, but when I spot a predator...hawk, coon, whatever...I keep the girls in until the creature goes elsewhere.
One evening I found a opossum eating grain in the hen house. When it played dead, I scooped it up on a pitchfork and gave it what I hoped was a scary ride before I released it in the woods.
Coons during the daylight are sketchy. If it was just one and just standing around, I would say its ill.

Since there were 2 and headed somewhere, I would guess they were kicked out of a den. Chances are you won't see them again during the day.
Agreed. In transit coons are best left to their devices; unless you're looking to plant'em.

However, they are opportunists and an easy meal is, well, an easy meal. No predator
passes up an easy meal unless its a) sick or b) chased.

If your area is like mine, you'll have more than just coons in the food chain above your
chickens. Skunks, ferrals, neighbors' pets, hawks, eagles, etc... are all possibilities.
I've got a couple of dogs and an outside cat that 'watch' over the girls in my absence.
They define the outer edges of my peace of mind - my security system - when the girls
are out and I'm not.

Crap-shoot? Ya, a little bit.

Walnut Creek, CA
It is VERY odd to see adult raccoons out in the daytime. I think there is only a very slight risk of a raccoon predator attack during the daytime - I'd think it would have to be an ill one to risk that. That being said, of course there is still a risk. If I was in that situation, I would still allow my birds out into the big run, but you have to do what you feel is right for you.
Hmm..very interesting, maybe they are sick, because these two raccoons have been seen by myself and husband during the middle of the day, but that was at least a year ago, long before getting chickens. But today when we saw them, my neighbor said, "oh ya,they live up in our trees" (which are across the street from my house). So she must see them often.???
And yes, the raccoons could see my neighbor and myself as well as my two young children who were noisily playing nearby! Maybe we should try to trap these guys?!
Starting to think I could have more than the chickens to worry about. My little ones could possibly be hurt if these raccoons are unwell.
If a coon is sick, a child may possibly walk right up to it and the coon won't run. They are kinda "out of it".

Sounds like they are commonly seen around the area. Maybe a pair that has semi lost the fear of people. A trap may be in order.

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