Raccoon ate my chicks


7 Years
May 20, 2012
I got up this morning to discover that a raccoon visited my chicken coop last night; killed three of my chicks (it ate one of them completely). I have about ten chicks left. I live in Corona in southern california. Can someone advice me on what to do?
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Sorry about the circumstances. Fortify your coop and trap the coon. For sure it will return.
I just had the same thing happen to my young chickens. The raccoon somehow forced the dropping pan away from under the coop and squeezed himself in. I woke up to 3 dead, one missing and two very shaken up hens, one of which I don't think is going to survive. I checked her out but didn't find any wounds but that doesn't mean there isn't internal damage. I've set out a trap and hope to get the monster tonight. I've moved the two survivors into the garage for the time being.
Since you cannot trap every predator who may visit during the night, you must make your coop better. Nothing can get into my coops at night, unless maybe a bear. Bears go wherever bears want to go, though.

Obviously, there is a flaw in your coop design. Raccoons have dexterous hands and they are very strong, plus they can climb quite well. Never underestimate a raccoon.
I actually forgot to close the coop door. This monster walked through the door, cut off the head of my most beautiful girl before realizing it was too big to eat. It then grabbed a 10 week old chick and ate. Got a 12 week old ruster and ate about half of it before leaving
You asked for advice on what to do, but then you said you forgot to close the coop door. So, I guess my advice is to make sure the coop door is closed tight before dark.

I'm sorry about the losses and I realize we all make mistakes, being human as we are. Make sure there are no weak points, close and lock the door with a good lock before dark every evening. Hopefully, you won't have to experience this again.
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I've moved the coop and run into the garage for the time being. I then spent a lot of time screwing boards to the lower parts of the door to keep anything from ripping the door apart to get in. My next project is to make a GOOD coop to protect my remaining girls. It was bad enough to watch the neighbors 4 chickens who used to visit (and give me eggs) disappear one by one.
A live trap is the best way to get the coon, bait it with dog food in a cup or can with a little water or a honey bun. The coon will come back within two nights and will prefer the bait over the chickens. Believe me I have had a lot of experiances with coons, possums, unfortunately.

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