Raccoon Attack Survivor with an injured leg.

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    Jan 31, 2012
    Sadly, our only 2 chickens got attacked by a raccoon almost 5 days ago. One was killed and we were able to catch and scare away the raccoon before getting to our other hen. Unfortunately, she suffered some bites to the butt and an injury to the leg. Her butt is slowly healing, her "flap" looks quite swollen, but she is able to poop. We are hoping she is molting so she isn't at risk of laying and it hurting... However, she is favoring her leg a LOT. It looks swollen towards the top under her feathers, and we are really unsure of how to treat it. Whenever she does get up, which is very rare, she tends to lift the leg up and kind of paw at the ground, never really putting any weight on it. She is eating... only out of our hands, and rarely sips on gatorade/water. She seems over her stress, but the leg is REALLY bothering her and we don't know what to do about it. We were trying to save ourselves a trip to the vet, we've been giving her small amounts of 1mg antibiotics crushed in water, as well as children's motrin. Should we splint the leg, and if so, how do we go about doing it? How long should it take for her leg to recover...? Please help, we don't like seeing our girl in pain... :(
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    So sorry about the raccoon attack, it really takes a lot to harden a coop and run and keep them out.

    Chickens generally heal well if you can avoid infection, the antibiotics are important. Others here have more experience, now that it's daylight in the states I hope some people can jump in with suggestions.

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